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Scholarships are selected by financial need, GPA and community

involvement essays.

Charles County MD Scholarship


The Charles County MD Scholarship is a $500 scholarship for students showing financial need, with GPA 2.5 or higher. This scholarship is for High School seniors only. 


-   College bound High School Senior   -

-   Excellence in community service through volunteerism essay   - 

-   Grade point average 2.5 or higher   -

-   Financial need   - 

How to Apply

1. Completed application submitted by April each year to any Senior in Charles County MD Schools.


2. Official copy of your first semester senior year grades.


3.Letters of recommendation- (2)

no relative recommendations, only school or community)


4. Acceptance letter, if already accepted to 4 year College or University.


5. Copy of Student Aid Report (SAR) for school year (FAFSA).


6. Essay on personal goals and experience with volunteerism.


7. Personal statement on how the scholarship will help your financial need.

Ashley had a compassion for others. She was concerned about the welfare of others and gave back through community service and volunteerism. Describe your personal and career goals. Please include your current or previous experience with community involvement and volunteerism.  The essay should be typed, no more than one page. Be sure to include how giving back to others is important in today’s society. 

Charles county


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